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Common Running Injuries to Avoid

Whether you’re out on the pavements or in the gym, running is a great cardio activity that burns calories and strengthens your heart and lungs. But it can also take a toll on your body if you’re not careful. Here are the top five common injuries you can avoid on your next run.
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Tip For Preventing Shoulder Injuries

There’s no denying that the popularity of high intensity sports is on the rise. Forget about marathons – there are Ironman Triathlons (225KM on bike running and swimming) and obstacle-ridden Spartan Races. But as these sports become more popular, we see a worrying trend of rising shoulder injuries.

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Turn “mummy tummy” into “happy mummy”!

Contrary to popular belief, a woman’s enlarged belly developed during pregnancy is not necessarily a result of fat build-up from eating for two or bloating from water retention, but the expansion of the Transverse Abdominal muscle. The transverse abdominal muscle is just that: the muscle in the abdominal area that is shaped (and moves) in a lateral or horizontal direction. Much like a corset, this muscle wraps the waist from the back and around the sides towards the front. As a woman’s pregnancy advances, the transverse abdominal muscle expands or stretches outwards, in tandem with the growth of the foetus, and is later engaged to assist in delivery.

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